Willow Creek Fiber Mill

Estes Park, CO

Location: n/a

Products: yarn, roving, batts, clouds

Website  Willow Creek Fiber Mill

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Phone  (970) 586-3478

Willow Creek Fiber Mill is a family owned business located in Estes Park, Colorado.  We provide custom processing of wool, alpaca, mohair, and exotic fibers.  We provide washing, picking, carding, pin-drafting, and spinning services.  We will help you turn your beautiful fibers into high-quality yarn, roving, batts, or cloud. 

We are located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, surrounded by high peaks, Ponderosa pine forests, and plenty of wildlife.  We both grew up in Estes Park and love the outdoors and beautiful views up here at 7,500 feet altitude. We have 5 children and our mill is a family business.  We have a small backyard farm which over the years has included a flock of wool sheep, dairy goats, a dairy cow, chickens, and a large vegetable garden.  We love animals and love raising our own fresh food for our family.