Maplecroft Woolworks

Boulder, CO

Raising: Corriedale, Teeswater, and crosses of these with Border Leicester

Location: I am located East of Boulder between Arapahoe & Baseline Roads on 75th St. 

Products: Multi-colored and white fleeces, skirted raw or scoured fleeces, roving, batts, lamb

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Phone 303.499.3045

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Maplecroft is located just East of Boulder and enjoys views of the Indian Peaks. Our naturally raised flock consists of Corriedales and Corriedale/Teeswater crosses. This breeding season we introduced "arthur" a grey/black 50% Teewater 50% Border Leicester. We produce multi-colored and white fleeces. We have roving, top, carded batts and curly locks. Some are dyed with Natural dyes and some with commercial dyes.  Felted wool fabric is on the horizon. I also sell naturally raised lamb, either a whole or half lamb. The lambs are processed by Arapahoe Meat, in Erie.

 I raise sheep.  Corriedale and Corriedale x Teeswater  & Corriedale x Teeswater & Border Leicester. Ours is a naturally raised integrated flock that is white, black, gray and combinations. 

I have raw skirted fleeces and scoured fleeces for sale, roving and top that is commercially prepared, and batts that I card, dyed with natural dyes and commercial dyes. 

Photo Credits: Karey Grant