Heritage Belle Farm

Calhan, CO

Raising: Navajo Churro sheep, Red Wattle pigs, Texas Longhorn Cattle

Location: 22755 E Garrett Rd Calhan, Colorado

Products: raw fleeces, mill-spun yarns, beef, lamb, pork, eggs: chicken, duck, turkey, flowers

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Phone (970) 310-0852

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Heritage Belle Farms is a small, diversified, and sustainable family farm and ranch that operates on the high prairie of Calhan, Colorado, just 30 miles east of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our farm produces registered Texas Longhorn cattle and USDA and American Grassfed Association Certified Grassfed beef; Navajo Churro sheep and USDA and AGA Certified Grassfed lamb, heritage Red Wattle pork, and farm fresh eggs (chicken, duck, goose and turkey).  Our philosophy is simple, we strive to demonstrate sustainable agriculture, land stewardship and conservation by producing food that encompasses dignity, local economy, optimal nutrition and restores the ecological capital of our soils.