Fiber Traveler

Lakewood, CO

Raising: 3 sheep on my friend’s ranch. Cotswold, and Cotswold x Tunis (as seen in the back of my car looking out the window)

Classes: n/a

Products: small farm rovings and washed fiber/locks, handspun yarns and art yarns, hand woven and eco printed products

Website  AspenKid.com
Email  Karey.Grant@gmail.com
Phone 650.464.4499

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I travel to local farms within our Fibershed as well as small farms throughout the country to learn first hand about their experiences, the animals, and other surprises. I love our fiber community and being a part of it. To support these farms I buy raw fleeces, have them milled at a local mill, and then offer the finished roving to spinners and felters, along with the story and traceability of the fiber thus far. I want to re-connect artists with the animals and experience, and I find it is important to them as well!

My first passion in fiber is spinning. The most rewarding feeling is to be able to trace, and feel connection and gratitude for what I am holding. To know what animal the fiber came from, where they live, where the fiber was processed and who the people are that made that happen up until it was held in my own hands is amazing. I have also begun working with natural dyes and eco printing which is fascinating.(all the colored yarns in the photograph are from natural dyes)

Photo Credits: Karey Grant