Clover Leaf Farms West

Elizabeth, CO

Raising: Huacaya and Suri alpacas

Location: 1101 Mountview Drive Elizabeth, Colorado

Products: Raw fleeces, mill spun and handspun yarns, hand crafted spindles

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Email  cloverleaffarmswest@mail.com
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Welcome to Cloverleaf West! I'd always dreamed of having a couple of alpaca and maybe a sheep or two....in a go big or go home moment, my finance and I bought a breeding herd of 10 alpaca!! Our first shearing was 5/30/16 and our herd is growing, and as soon as my skirting table is done, I hope you be offering alpaca products, in addition to the yarns I've been dyeing for a while now, and many other fiber related knit knacks!!

Shearing Day is coming!

June 9, 2019

8am till we're done

1101 Mountview Drive, Elizabeth

Bring a sack lunch and sunscreen

Burgers and beverages for anyone who RSVPs till the last fleece is off!

If you are in need of shearing services for your herd, we have slots available, email us!

Much appreciate being included, and headed out to the shed to start skirting and prepping shortly.  Oh, will we be in that little gazebo space again?  want to plan better for setting that up this year! 

Photo Credits: Ingrid