Big Ash Farm

Boulder, CO

Raising: Icelandic Sheep, heritage turkeys: Bourbon Red, Royal Palm, Blue Slate, White Holland and Narragansett , chicken

Farm Location:

Products: Icelandic lamb, raw fleece, roving, yarns, heritage turkeys, fresh eggs and seasonal produce

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Big Ash Farm is a small farm on the eastern outskirts of Boulder, Colorado!  We focus on raising Icelandic lamb and heritage turkeys but also have fresh eggs and an abundance of seasonal produce from the garden. Our Icelandics have the best room in the house. When not grazing in their pasture under the watchful eye of Guss, our llama, they're gazing at the beautiful snow capped Rocky Mountains. Heritage turkeys while not as big as the supermarket birds, reproduce naturally, forage well and are simply beautiful! Big Ash Farm also raises chickens primarily for their beautiful eggs.  Our ladies lay a kaleidoscope of colored eggs in all different shapes, sizes and patterns! When the days get short, the ladies take a well earned break to prepare them for getting back in the action in the spring! 

The garden at is vast, producing much more produce than we could hope to consume ourselves!  So we share!  A variety of all the basic veg' is planted every year - and some not so common as well!  Our raspberry patch is laden with berries, as is the strawberry patch - delivering incredibly sweet berries bursting with true strawberry flavor both in the spring and the fall. The hens and turkeys, have full access to the large gardens at Big Ash Farm for fun and feeding. They play a huge role in keeping the garden bug free and well fertilized!

Photo Credits: Karey Grant