2 B Ewe

Hooper, CO

Raising: Sheep: Merino, Teeswater, Finnish Landrace, Cotswold, CVM, Gotland

Products: raw fleece, roving, yarn

Website  n/a
Email  2bewes@gmail.com
Phone  (719) 480-9958
Facebook  n/a

2 B Ewe is a local farm and ranch located in the beautiful San Luis Valley.  We offer a variety of fine wools, as well as long wools and a unique blend of both.  Our flock includes a next to skin soft Merino, a lustrous and long Teeswater,  a Finn sheep and CVM cross and the heritage breed Cotswold.  Products available for sale include fleeces, yarns, roving and locks.   Our sheep are grazed on our farm and neighboring organic farms.  Through these regenerative techniques 2 B Ewe is able to ensure a sustainable environment for both our land and animals.  Please stop by to see what we have to offer

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